162: tips and strategies for Dry Eye with Dr. Dan Friederich

Hi friends! I’m SO excited for today’s podcast interview. Since I had my eye issues last year, I’ve wanted to have an eye doctor on the podcast to talk about dry eyes, but I was waiting until I found the perfect one.

I found Dr. Friederich through his product, Eyeganics, which is the ONLY certified organic eye drop in the entire world. When I found Eyeganics, I wanted to cry happy tears because I’ve been putting sketchy eye drops in my eyes for almost an entire year. I’m so grateful for the works he’s doing, and he does an incredible job educating others, serving patients in his practice, as well as creating products with integrity.

162: tips and strategies for Dry Eye with Dr. Dan Friederich

Here’s what we talk about today:

– What causes dry eye?

– Tips for dry eye

– Nutrition strategies for dry eye

– Lifestyle tips

and so.much.more

If you suffer from dry eye, or if you just want to keep your eyes healthy, check out this episode!

Here’s more about Dr.  Friederich and his background:

Dr. Friederich practices in St. Louis, MO at Vision Care Consultants, a four-doctor private practice. Inaddition to providing primary eye care services, he focuses on ocular nutrition, dry eye, and specialty contact lens fittings. Dr. Friederich is the Founder of Eyeganics, the world’s only certified organic eyedrops. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and an American Nutrition Association-Certified Personal Health Practitioner (CPNP). He and his colleagues at Vision Care Consultants are theofficial eye care providers for the St. Louis Blues professional hockey team. Dr. Friederich also served inthe US Army, receiving the National Defense Service Medal and the Army Commendation Medal foroutstanding service.

You can connect with him on Instagram, his practice, and check out Eyeganics here.


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Thank you so much for listening and for all of your support with the podcast! Please be sure to subscribe, and leave a rating or review if you enjoyed this episode. If you leave a rating, head to this page and you’ll get a little “thank you” gift from me to you. 

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