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Build Strength, Muscle, and Power… Fast!

Get stronger, bigger, and more powerful with this smart approach to giant-set training.

The ultimate body looks great and performs well. To get both, train in a way that builds strength and muscle and improves speed and coordination. This variation of the giant set method does it all.

Perform three back-to-back exercises for the same muscle group, resting only a minute between each. Here’s an example:

Let’s break it down:

Exercise 1: Compound Big Lift

Choose a muscle group, then choose one of the big five lifts targeting it: squat, bench press, overhead press, deadlift, or row.

For pressing, think bench press, strict military press, or incline barbell bench. For rowing, think Pendlay row, bent-over row, or chest-supported T-bar row. For hinge-based movements, choose any form of deadlift, including the trap bar deadlift. For quad-dominant movements, think front squat, back squat, or hack squat.

Reps: 5-10
Tempo: 2-0-1

Exercise 2: Bodyweight Movement (Power & Speed)

Focus on a secondary lift for the same muscle group, preferably something close-chain and bodyweight: chin-up, push-up, dip, or jump lunge. This allows you to move with force, control, and ample velocity while stimulating a high degree of hypertrophy with a basic movement. This also requires less set-up, and it’s a smooth transition from the previous compound movement.

Reps: 4-6
Tempo: 1-0-X

Exercise 3: Isolation Finisher

Isolation exercises should be simple and basic. Machine or cable-based movements are a great choice for this high-volume finisher. The goal is to maximize muscle gains through metabolic stress pathways (nutrient depletion and metabolite accumulation). Remember, target the same muscle group as the first two exercises.

Reps: 20-30
Tempo: 2-0-1

Programming: How to Do It

  • Perform two total sets. That’s all you need.
  • Rest one minute between each exercise. Rest three minutes before starting the second giant set.


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