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by Gareth Sapstead

5 Reasons to Use It

Stop hating on the Smith machine and start using it for serious muscle growth. Here’s why it’s a great tool.

Some people hate the Smith machine. But as a physique coach, I’ve seen what it can do for lifters looking to pack on muscle mass. Here’s why it’s awesome.

1. Variety

When most people think of the Smith machine, they have one or two exercises in mind, but it’s not that limited. Here are some of the best options for each body part:

  • Chest: Decline Press, Flat Press, Low-Incline Press, Incline Press, Guillotine Press, Reverse-Grip Press
  • Shoulders: Shoulder Press, Shoulder Press from Pins, Modified Upright Row, Z-Press
  • Back: Bentover Row, Row from Pins, Shrug, Rack Pull From Above The Knees
  • Legs: Squat, Hip Thrust, Romanian Deadlift, Split Squat, Reverse Lunge, Good Morning, Standing Calf Raise
  • Arms: Narrow Grip Press, Drag Curl, Isometric Bicep Curl

You could do an upper-body day, a leg day, or even a full-body workout in the Smith machine. You can prevent plateaus, stimulate muscle growth from different angles, and keep your workouts interesting.

2. Controlled Movement

Controlled movement makes the Smith machine a perfect growth tool for your larger muscle groups. It provides a guided movement pattern unlike free weights, which require stabilization and balance. The Smith machine confines the bar to a fixed plane of movement so you can focus more on target muscle groups without worrying about instability. Just compensate for the decreased use of stabilizers by using free-weight exercises, too. No one is saying to “only” use the Smith machine, so relax.

The Smith also reduces the risk of losing control. If you’re a beginner or just getting back to the gym after some time off, use it to push your limits without compromising form. The safety pins act as a fail-safe mechanism. This is especially important during fat-loss phases when energy is low.

3. Progressive Overload and Set-Extending Techniques

Just like with free-weight exercises, you can add weight and force muscle adaptation and growth. You can also do drop sets, accentuated eccentrics, isometrics, and partial reps with ease.

4. Mind-Muscle Connection

To build muscle, you need to create a strong mind-muscle connection, – the ability to consciously contract the target muscles. The Smith machine helps you do this through its controlled movement.

With the fixed bar path, you can concentrate on contracting and squeezing the muscle throughout the entire range of motion, enhancing muscle activation and tension. This heightened focus improves muscle quality and overall development.

Not feeling a muscle work? Do slow and controlled reps in the Smith machine. This deliberate approach emphasizes muscle tension and leads to greater muscle fiber recruitment and metabolic stress, key factors in promoting growth.

5. Time Efficiency and Convenience

The Smith machine offers a time-efficient way to do multiple exercises in the same place. Now, I’m not saying that you should park your butt on the gym’s only Smith machine for an hour. But, if there isn’t a line of people waiting for it, then you’re set.


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