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Jake Gyllenhaal used Surge to get in shape for Road House. Here’s text between Jake’s trainer Jason Walsh and Biotest CEO Tim Patterson:

Jason Walsh: Jake Gyllenhaal’s article and video are being released tomorrow (3/19/24), which correlates with Amazon’s release of Road House. I speak about Surge being the lifesaver for people like Jake needing carbohydrates while running on very low body fat.

Tim Patterson: Thank you for your gracious mention of Surge. It’s very much appreciated. Your CHO advice is spot-on and well-needed.

Jason Walsh: Honestly, Surge saved us while shooting. Jake’s body fat undulated from 5% to 6-7% for a long time. Surge was his fuel!

Here’s where Jason talks about Surge in a Men’s Health video:

Amazon releases Road House on March 21st. Here’s the link:

Watch Road House at Amazon

Buy Surge at Amazon

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That’s awesome! I don’t know that Jake gets enough credit for how jacked he’s been in a string of movies.


Well, dang. This is impressive and super cool.

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This is awesome. I do agree, Surge is great stuff. Wonder if he used Mag-10 as well?

I’ve been putting on very lean muscle over the last 2 months with Mag-10.

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