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Hi friends! Happy Friday! The weekend is heeeeeere. What do you have going on? I’m taking my first Spenga class with a friend – I’ll report back!- and putting the finishing touchings on February Fit Team programming. New workouts drop on Sunday! If you want to try it, sign up here – the first 7 days are free.

I’m also looking forward to teaching a barre class, Meg’s baby sprinkle (Kyle and Meg are having baby #3 in a month and a half!), and a family hike. I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead.

(A leftover lunch of chicken with artichokes and mushrooms, plus radishes, broccoli and homemade hummus on the side)

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

 Friday Faves 1.26

Read, watch, listen:

Liv and I saw Mean Girls last weekend and LOVED it. I had low expectations but was blown away – I want to see it again.

SO proud of the #1 spot on this list! One of my all-time faves. Tucson has a few spots on this list!

Don’t miss this week’s podcast episode here chatting about breast implant illness.

What do you always pack for a trip?

Fitness, health, and good eats:

Latest pair of Vivobarefoots (<— my referral link gets you 15% off). This is the 7th pair to enter our house. The Pilot, P, and I are all on board the barefoot train. (Liv sticks to her Jordans and Converse.) It’s wild to see how constricting *normal* shoes feel now. They squish my toes so much! These are extremely light, comfortable, and plenty of room for proper toe splay and foot function. 😉

(Also worth mentioning here that this is the BEST shoe spray. I use it on all of the kids’ athletic shoes or anything canvas, like Liv’s backpack, and it helps them to not get trashed as quickly. It also keeps white sneakers super white and clean.)

We went to a wonderful dinner with friends last weekend and when I said I’d bring a cheese board, I didn’t think about transporting it. Thankfully, I press and sealed the heck out of it and it survived the drive! I added chocolate covered cherries, candied nuts, and rosemary sprigs for garnish when we got there.

These jerky sticks. I bought four to see if we would like them, and P ended up having three this week and requested more.. so there ya go. I tried one and it was amazing. I’m weird about jerky texture and this brand is soft and not too chewy. They’re seasoned perfectly and I appreciate that they include a blend of organ meats since I don’t typically cook with them. They’re so good for you, but I still get a little squeamish…

 More reasons to mix up your cardio with strength training.

Try these collagen brownies!

Fashion + beauty:

Latest RTR Unlimited find. I love this dress so much I’m thinking about keeping it.

Some latest Amazon fashion finds:

This sweater (I have it in pink and wear it all the time)

This striped sweater (another staple)

these flats – love them with black pants and a sweater with hoops

Happy Friday, friends!


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