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The Mini-Set Method

Use the high-frequency mini-set method to make the fastest pull-up progress you’ve ever made.

Working on your pull-ups? Try high-frequency training. This training method typically triples the number of pull-ups you can do in 10 weeks. Here’s how to do it.

The Mini-Set Method

  1. Start every workout with a total of 20 pull-ups. Don’t worry, this isn’t one set. It’s a bunch of mini-sets.
  2. Estimate how many pull-ups you can do in one set – your current max. Use whatever grip you prefer. Neutral is great if you have cranky elbows. You can also do chin-ups with your palms facing you.
  3. Start a timer. On your first set, perform only HALF your current max.
  4. Rest about 20-30 seconds and repeat until you hit 20 total reps. It’s okay if you wind up doing only a rep or two for each mini-set.
  5. Note your time. Try to beat that time in your next workout.

Here’s an Example

  • Let’s say your current max is 4 pull-ups. Start with mini-sets of 2 reps, resting 20 seconds between mini-sets.
  • When doing the second rep becomes a grind, extend the rest to 30 seconds.
  • When the second rep becomes tough even with the longer rest period, move down to doing sets of 1 with only 20 seconds of rest until you hit 20 reps for the day.

As you get stronger, you’ll be able to use more than two reps for your mini-sets, but be very gradual about increasing them. Monitor the time it takes you to complete 20 reps. When you increase the reps per set, your total time should continue decreasing.

In 10 weeks or so, you’ll hit 20 reps in just two sets of 10 with about 20 seconds of rest. When that happens, you’ll likely be able to hit 15 good pull-ups in a row.

Progression Method

Once you can complete 20 total reps in just two mini-sets with no more than 30 seconds of rest, increase the target total to 30 reps and resume the progression.

Eventually, when you can hit the 30 reps in just two sets, drop down to 20 total reps but add 15 pounds to your waist and resume the progression all over again.



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